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Using a Pressure Washer to Sanitize a Stable

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How do I pressure wash a stable?

Using a Pressure Washer to Sanitize a Stable

Once the dry-cleaning process has been completed, you are ready to proceed to the sanitizing phase. You should be aware that high levels of infective material will still remain in the area.

By removing soiling from the walls and floors with products that combine detergent capacity and a biocidal activity ensures greasy deposits do not remain on rough surfaces e.g. concrete and wood. Detergent-sanitizers also reduce the time taken to clean by up to 60%, and reduce the spread of disease in washing water. Follow these steps to complete the disinfection.

*Use a brand-name detergent-sanitizer.
*Apply with a knapsack sprayer or pressure washer. The pressure washer should be set on a low pressure setting 500 psi (35 bars) using a 45 degree angle jet. Use the appropriate application rate.
*Start at the apex of the roof and work down the walls to the floor paying particular attention to corners and other areas where dirt accumulates.
*Caked soiling should be brushed if necessary to aid removal.
*Allow surfaces to dry where possible before disinfection.



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