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Selecting the Best Pressure Washers for a Start-Up Business

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What kind of pressure washer is best for getting started in the business?

Selecting the Best Pressure Washers for a Start-Up Business

When selecting a pressure washer for a start up business you need to factor in a few things. What is my business going to be? A couple niches to consider. Fleet Washing, Store Front Cleaning, Graffiti Removal, Concrete Cleaning. When you decide on what your cleaning it will make your shopping a bit easier.

You don't want to undersize your equipment if possible. A few things to consider when choosing a pressure washer.

1. Hot water units clean better. A cold water system is great for the homeowner but for any industrial type work, you're going to want hot water. Ask yourself this, do I clean my dishes with cold water? Yes they are more expensive but you can do so much more with a heated unit. The work you do will also look better and you will be able to clean faster. Faster work means more money.

2. Get a unit with at least 18HP . The V-twin motors will last longer and can be used for full work days. The lower horsepower units just don't hold up in the long run. Remember your starting a business. Think of your purchase as an investment.

3. Get an alternated or generated unit. When shopping you will see many systems out there that are 12V systems. These pull the electicity directly off the motor to fire the burner system. These tend to be problematic and will need service sooner than a better engineered unit.

4. Get a pressure washer system with a warranty and get it in writing. Without a warranty you will incure all repair costs if and when they happen.

5. The cheapest price is not always the best unit to buy. If you buy from an internet only operation more than likely you will have a much harder time finding someone to talk to to answer even the most basic question. Pressure washers that you can buy at most home improvement warehouses are not designed for commercial work. You will probably spend more time fixing than washing if you go that route.

6. Make sure you have good gallons per minute or GPM. A good pump will push around 4 to 5 gallons per minute.

7. Make sure you have good pressure or PSI ( Pounds Per Square Inch) A good PSI rating is about 3500 PSI.

Don't hesitate to ask a professional there advice. Look at what the competition is using to do there work. These few things will safe you a lot of effort and grief in the long run.

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