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Safety Guidelines for Pressure Washing

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Is it safe to use a pressure washer?

Safety Guidelines for Pressure Washing

Whenever you are about to operate your pressure washer, keep in mind the following power washer safety tips.

*Always wear proper eye, face and hand protection when operating your power washing equipment.
* Wear non-slip shoes and also wet weather outer gear if you do not wish to get wet.
* Never point the power washing spray at a person or animal.
* Never try to wash your hands or feet with a pressure washer because the force of the spray will peel your skin off.
* Read the manual carefully before starting the equipment.
* If operating a gas pressure washer, as with any time that you will be manipulating fuel, be familiar with the location and operation of fire extinguishing equipment.
* If you are using an electric pressure washer, beware of shock hazards.



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