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What If The Washer Won't Produce Hot Water

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What if my washer won't produce hot water?

What If The Washer Won't Produce Hot Water

What should you do if your steam cleaner pressure washer or standard hot water washer will not produce hot water like it should? First thing's first. Check your switches. Make sure that the burner switch is in the “On” position and so is the pump switch. Often times it is as simple as one of these being turned off.

If the switches are all in the correct position it might be the thermostat. Check to make sure it is also turned on. Then take a look at your fuel situation. Either you do not have enough fuel or you have a clogged filter. Check the level and add fuel if needed. If the fuel filter is clogged, just replace it. And make sure the trigger gun is pulled on.

If you are using the proper type of fuel for your power washer and nothing is clogged, worn or turned off when it should be on, there might be a mechanical defect that is preventing the machine from doing what it is supposed to. In that case, contact the manufacturer to see if they can get it replaced.



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