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High Pressure Hoses

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What is a high pressure hose?

High Pressure Hoses

When you are looking to buy a high pressure hose for your washer system, you want something that is going to be lightweight but durable. That way it is not an amazing feat of physical strength just to lift it, but you know it can still stand up to some harsh conditions.

Many of the high pressure washer hoses available from can handle up to 5000 PSI and temperatures of about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. They can also be used with both hot and cold water. So these hoses are strong without being cumbersome to lift.

But with high pressure hoses you need hose reels as well. Reels can be mounted on a wall or carried by hand. Mounting a hose reel will save you space on the ground and is ideal for car wash businesses. Obviously the ones that can be carried are more portable and are best for personal use.

Either way, the reel helps to increase the durability and overall life of the hose. Models from have an added durability, in that they have a hard, powder-coat paint and use constant tension to prevent the reel from unwinding more than you want it to.



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