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Telescoping Wands

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What is so good about telescoping wands?

Telescoping Wands

The telescoping wands from are made of a very strong fiberglass composite material, and they remain lightweight and easy to use. These pressure washer accessories will fit on virtually any standard pressure washer gun and can extend anywhere from 6 ½ to 24 feet in length.

They can be used for concrete, brick, metal walls and more. They can even be used to clean your gutters and roof. The telescoping wands allow you to reach up to three stories in the air and have complete control over the entire attachment at all times.

They can be used for personal and industrial uses alike. Additional accessories can be attached to the wands, such as the gutter cleaner extension, pressure washer brushes, and duct cleaners. They can even reach up to 4000 PSI (pounds per square inch).

The best part about these pressure washer telescoping wands is that they eliminate the dangerous alternative of climbing high up on ladders with little or no support. They make cleaning your gutters, roof and other elevated areas safe and simple at the same time.



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