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Pressure Washer Maintenance at Home

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Can my pressure washer be used in air duct maintenance?

Pressure Washer Maintenance at Home

When you undertake a home duct cleaning project, even using your pressure washer it is an ordeal. Preventative measures will ensure that duct cleanings are few and far between. Think your pressure washers job is done? Think again. Your pressure washer is as important for maintenance as it is in the air duct cleaning. Use your pressure washer to clean the cooling coils and drain pains regularly, or they will become a source of moisture contamination and mold growth. Always use the highest efficiency air filter for your heating and cooling system, change filters regularly, and check for missing filters or gaps around the holder that would allow air to bypass the filter. If you are doing construction or remodeling in your house, seal off supply and return registers, and do not operating heating or cooling systems until the dust is removed.



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