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Using a Pressure Washer in Your Company's Dirty Air Ducts

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Should I use my company's pressure washer to clean the air duct system?

Using a Pressure Washer in Your Company's Dirty Air Ducts

If you are building operations manager faced with a dirty air duct system, getting them clean without breaking your budget can be a challenge. Hiring an air duct cleaning company, or purchasing an air duct cleaning system is always an option. But if your company already owns a pressure washer, consider doing the work yourself. Pressure washer dealers sell duct cleaning attachments which cost less than purchasing a duct cleaning system. All attachments are not made equal! You will need the gallons-per-minute rating and PSI rating of your particular pressure washer in order to safely convert it into duct cleaning equipment. Depending on the size of your air duct system, you may need a differently-sized pressure washer to handle the job. The rule air duct cleaning services follow is to use a pressure washer no larger than 75 percent of the space which needs to be cleaned. Any larger and maneuvering becomes practically impossible.



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