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Why Won't My Power Washer Engine Start?

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Why won't my power washer engine start?

Why Won't My Power Washer Engine Start?

If you are experiencing pressure washer problems because the engine won't start, turn the engine off before attempting an inspection of the unit. The most simple cause of your problem could be that the high-tension lead wire to the engine's spark plug has come loose. Wearing a pair of gloves, (again, with the engine off) push down on the connector end to make sure the wire is actually touching the spark plug. This simple procedure should have your power washer up and running again unless the problem is elsewhere. Another simple and common problem is the the age of the fuel in your tank. Assuming that the pressure washer's tank isn't empty, you could have a water build up in the gas lines of a gasoline-powered pressure washer engine. Another cause is dirty or contaminated fuel, which can clog up the fuel line.



5/30/2009 4:19:16 PM
Ryan P said:

you failed to mention the easiest and most overlooked problem....if your pressure washer is equipped with a shut off switch for the fuel line, this will not allow you to start your gas powered pressure washer.


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