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Using Water Blasting to Cut Concrete

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Is it possible to reduce the need for chemical emulsion remover by using a water blaster?

Using Water Blasting to Cut Concrete

If you have a section of concrete that needs to be removed, but
you are concerned about the damage that a jackhammer can cause,
consider using a high pressure water blaster with a PSI of
10,000 to 40,000. You can use water blasting equipment to easily cut away the targeted segment of concrete without damaging the
surrounding area. Another advantage when using a water blaster to cut concrete is that it will not produce clouds of dust like a jackhammer, which provides a healthier environment for the contractor doing the work. When using water blasting equipment for concrete removal, remember that eye protection is not enough. A face shield is recommended as standard safety gear in addition to waterproof clothing and non-slip boots.



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