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Pressure Washer Hoses

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What should I know about pressure washer hoses?

Pressure Washer Hoses

Pressure washer hoses are a vital part of the system, but there are a few tricks newcomers to power washers don't usually learn until later. Are your pressure washer hoses wearing out faster than you expected them to? On your next hose purchase, buy hoses rated at 500 PSI higher than your pressure washer system. This is not technically a pressure washer repair, but it could be considered preventive maintenance. Do your power washer hoses leave marks on the ground in the areas where you are using them? Ask your pressure washer dealer about hoses specifically sold as "non marking hose" or hose covers that are sold for the same purpose. This will eliminate the streaking and marking you notice your power washer hoses making on concrete and other surfaces.



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