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What Is A Pressure Washer Unloader?

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What is a pressure washer unloader?

What Is A Pressure Washer Unloader?

A pressure washer unloader valve prevents the pressure from building to the breaking point when you aren't spraying water. A "diversion loop" is created to cycle the water back to the inlet valve and inlet part of the water pump. Unfortunately, the unloader valve is often a cause of trouble. Some power washer users report problems such as the pressure washer motor dying after spraying is done, minimal pressure, and sometimes even leaking sprayers. There are a variety of fixes to problems such as these, the simplest being the replacement of the unloader valve. If you need to do this kind of pressure washer repair, it's absolutely essential to replace the power washer valve with one that has equal or better gallons per minute (GPM) and PSI ratings. Failure to do this can result in additional pressure washer problems, including a safety hazard connected with the pressure of the unit overwhelming the unloader valve, compromising or even destroying it.



9/10/2009 2:27:45 PM
Jim Wilson said:

I have a Generac 1537-1 pump, and I am having difficulty replacing the unloader valve. The flexible (plastic, hard rubber ???) nut won't unscrew from the metal pump case. I have even tightly clamped a vise-grip plier on the nut and it still won't unscrew. I am ruining the existing nut and need help.

Has anyone had this problem, and how did you finally remove the unloader valve nut?

Help !!!


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