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Gutter Troubleshooting During Cleaning

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What can I do to avoid future problems when cleaning my gutters?

Gutter Troubleshooting During Cleaning

When using gutter cleaning tools, it's a good idea to take the time to troubleshoot your gutters for potential problems. As you clean out gutters with the pressure washer, once your blockages are clear, observe the flow of water from the downspout. Is the water draining away from the building? Does it drain slowly even after the blockage is clean? If you have clean rain gutters but still notice a slow flow of water, readjust your gutters to make them slope toward the downspouts. Some experts recommend one inch per every 20 feet or so. You will notice better drainage with this simple adjustment, and won't mistake a slow-draining gutter problem for a clog. Cleaning gutters is a vital part of good building maintenance, but don't mistake a mis-aligned gutter for a clogged one. Troubleshooting your gutters during gutter cleaning will prevent that from happening next time.



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