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Leaf Catching Gutter Systems And Gutter Cleaning

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I have a leaf catching system in my gutters. Will I still need a gutter cleaning service?

Leaf Catching Gutter Systems And Gutter Cleaning

Buildings equipped with a leaf catching gutter system can frustrate home owners and building managers because they find gutter cleaning is still necessary, especially in tree-heavy areas. Any debris that can fall through the mesh screen of a leaf catching system will eventually clog up the works. You may find it necessary to use a gutter cleaning system on such gutters after heavy rains, especially if the gutters have been damaged by high winds.

Gutter cleaning equipment should include a pressure washer with a telescoping wand and gutter cleaner attachment to help blast away anything inside the gutter. Much of the debris will be found at the top and bottom openings, but anything that has crept into your rain gutters should be flushed out with a rain cutter cleaning tool. If your gutters are clogged in spite of the leaf catching system, you'll find the gutter cleaning equipment's water pressure is essential for a complete gutter cleaning. For maximum protection for your building, gutter cleaning should happen twice per year with or without a leaf catching system.



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