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Important Steps For Sandblaster Graffiti Removal

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When Using a sandblaster, what technique will produce the most attractive results?

Important Steps For Sandblaster Graffiti Removal

One of the benefits of using a sandblaster in graffiti removal is that the results are more attractive than repeated paint overs. This can be an important consideration if the building in question is for commercial or public use. For best results, remember three steps. Step one, start with a low pressure and stand a conservative distance from the surface. Always use the least amount of pressure possible to get the job done. Increase pressure in steps, paying close attention to the effect it is having on the surface. This helps complete the job with minimal wear and tear on the building. Step two, avoid patches of inconsistent texture by using the sandblaster on the entire area of the wall, not just the graffiti that is to be removed. Step three, put as much effort into the clean up afterward as you do into the sandblasting itself. Leaving a messy work site is worse than the graffiti itself.



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