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When to Use a Sandblaster in Graffiti Removal

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What surfaces will withstand the use of a sandblaster, and when should a less abrasive method be used?

When to Use a Sandblaster in Graffiti Removal

Knowing which graffiti removal method to use is the first step to a successful clean up. A sandblaster is an essential tool to have, but if used inappropriately it can cause more damage to the building than the graffiti. Sandblasters can remove problem substances such as spray paint quickly and efficiently, but should only be used on pavement, concrete, and solid masonry. The durability of these surfaces makes them ideal for aggressive graffiti removal. Sandblasters are also safe to use on ordinary masonry or wood. Aluminum siding, fiberglass, metal, street signs, stucco, utility boxes, and vinyl siding are better served by using a graffiti removal chemical. For tougher jobs, the chemicals can be used in combination with a pressure washer. Never use a sandblaster or a pressure washer on historic masonry, the risk of damage isn't worth the effort.



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