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Dualing lances

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Why would I need a dual lance?

Dualing lances

To begin with, you needn't feel ashamed if you have to use a dual lance. It happens to the best pressure washer pros whenever they have to switch back and forth between two types of nozzles. For example, one nozzle could be 15 degree angle, and the other a soap nozzle. There are probably as many combinations as there are applications. The dual lance is equipped with a rollover valve that makes it easy to switch between the two nozzles. Just release the trigger and tilt the gun in the direction of the desired nozzle. When you hear the ball change pipes, you're ready to pull the trigger. Some dual lances have a pressure adjustment knob so you can regulate the pressure as needed. There is a type of dual lance that does not have a valve between the two lances. This unit fires both nozzles at once, so to speak, and cleans a wider path by allowing full flow through both pipes simultaneously.



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