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Hose Pressure Loss

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What cause hose pressure loss?

Hose Pressure Loss

There may come a time, in the midst of a job, that you realize you are dealing with hose pressure loss. Obviously this is a problem because if you don't get the pressure, you are not going to complete the job properly.

When it comes to hose pressure loss, there are several known and potential causes. These can include problems with the inner liner surface of the hose, how you have laid your hose out prior to use, the pressure washer fittings you are using, and sometimes even the water temperature. Due to gravity, pressure loss will also obviously decrease if the hose is positioned up a hill or incline.

Once you ensure that your hose positioning is good and you are using water at the correct temperature, if you are still experiencing hose pressure wash you may want to try swapping out the hose or the fixtures. If the problem persists, call your pressure washers dealer.



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