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Buying a Pressure Washer is Just the Beginning

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What additonal equipment will I need to support my pressure-washing business?

Buying a Pressure Washer is Just the Beginning

Besides the obvious pressure washers, here are some basic items that you should have to start in the biz.

* Truck or Van - (Duh!) Your equipment has to stay somewhere. You didn't think you were going to use your grandma's Yugo, did you?
* Water Hoses - (Double Duh!) Good grade low pressure water hoses.
* High Pressure Hoses - 50 feet should do you, even with a portable unit.
* Tips - 0 Degree, 15 Degree, 25 Degree, 40 Degree and a Chemical Tip.
* Turbo Nozzle - You'll need this one for cleaning concrete, just don't use it on wood.
* Surface cleaner - Comes in several sizes and a couple of styles.
* X-Jet - This is one item you must have. Can't do houses or other buildings without it.
* Chemicals and Soaps -- What you are cleaning determines what chemicals you should use, but there are many great things on the market. For standard residential services three cleaners you should keep handy are a house wash, gutter cleaner and concrete cleaner. Jobs like new construction cleanup, commercial building restoration, graffitti removal and deck restorations are going to each require specialized chemicals which are discussed in great detail on (website address).



11/29/2008 7:50:05 AM
Pro said:

Most professionals have now gone to downstreaming and use their X-Jet as a paper weight.

10/29/2011 10:16:33 AM
john klick said:

Thanks for that advice. The tips on bidding helped because I would have over bidded.


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